DJI Mavic Pro drone takes head-to-head with GoPro Karma in the drone tech market. Both drones have amazing features in different criteria and enthusiasts shall decide the best drone to buy for adventurous photography. A quick comparison is made based on the capabilities and price.

GoPro Karma Drone

Weight and Size: GoPro Karma drone weighs 2.22 pounds with a folded dimension of 14.4 x 8.8 x 3.5 inch.

Camera: GoPro Karma is designed with a feature of detachable gimbal and camera. GoPro Karma can accommodate 3 types of camera made by GoPro like the Hero 5 black, Hero 5 Session, hero4 Balck / Silver cameras. The GoPro 4K, 12MP cameras has electronic image stabilization along with wide angle lens improving image capturing capabilities.

Flight capabilities: GoPro Karma can attain a maximum altitude of 14,500 feet, a maximum speed of 35mph, can go far away at a maximum distance of 1.86 miles from the controller and it can continuously fly for 20minutes exactly from the time of take off.

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Weight and Size: DJI Mavic Pro is lighter than GoPro Karma weighing exactly to 1.62 pounds and accounting to a folded dimension of 7.9 x 3.3 x 3.3inch.

The folded dimensions of DJI Mavic Pro are lesser than GoPro Karma and lesser dimensions bring one thought into the mind "DJI Mavic Pro is easy to carry"

Camera: DJI Mavic Pro has fewer features when compared to GoPro Karma in the camera capability segment. Detachable gimbal and camera are absent as they form one unit with the drone.

An in-built camera  gives the user only one camera to be used unlike the options in GoPro Karma. DJI Mavic Pro's camera has no electronic image stabilization and 28mm lens which is having lesser capabilities than the GoPro cameras.

Flight capabilities: DJI Mavic Pro has better flight capabilities like attaining a maximum altitude of 16,404 feet which is almost 2,000 feet more than the GoPro Karma Drone.

A maximum speed of 40mph also makes DJI Mavic Pro superior over its rival GoPro Karma and a continuous flight time of 27 minutes together with 4.3 miles maximum range from the controller makes DJI Mavic Pro drone superior over GoPro Karma drone in flight capabilities segment.

Price Comparison: The GoPro Karma drone (with remote control) alone costs $799, while DJI Mavic Pro drone costs $749 without the remote control. Meanwhile, GoPro Karma with the camera and remote control costs $999, priced just the same as DJI Mavic's kit with the remote control.