The New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers are the center of a trade rumors mills that swirling around the league as of this moment. The news just blows up today that involves both their superstars, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love.

Earlier reports have involved both teams and both players in a blockbuster three-team deal with the Miami Heat but up until this time no movement is cleared for the said deal. Having no progress on the first deal, the Knicks and Cavs are said to be finding their own way to make it happen.

According to Mobile & Apps, the New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers are seriously discussing a possible trade deal between their two notable players. NBA trade rumors suggest that a direct swap between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love is viable for both teams.

The report also says that the Cavs badly need an upgrade on their roster in able to compete with powerhouse teams like the Warriors, Clippers, Spurs and Thunder. Having the 9-time NBA All-Star on their fold will probably give them an assurance to defend the title and thwart any the threat that other teams will give to them.

LeBron James already approves and welcomes the arrival of Anthony if ever the trade pushes thru according to Morning Ledger on the latest NBA trade rumor. It's no secret that King James seems to have the say whenever the Cavs management has a decision with regards to running the team.

James has earlier expressed his dream of playing alongside his good buddy Anthony together with Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul in one team before they hang their sneakers for good. The moved could also a reunion of sort for James and Anthony who been both drafted in 2003.

This could also be the perfect opportunity for Melo to win a title with the Cavs that's been elusive for him for 13 years. Among the top 5 draft pick in 2003, Anthony is the only one who have not yet win a ring unlike James, Darko Miličić, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade have already experience.

Will the New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers agree to trade Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love? Tune in for the latest NBA trade rumors and updates.