NBA trade rumors start to heat up and are making a big headline today. Reports are spreading that a blockbuster deal between three Eastern teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and New York Knicks are in the works right now and will banner in the coming days.

The Cavs are expected to defend their title this season and are looking to have an upgrade on their lineup to catch up with their rival the Golden State Warriors. On the other hand, the Heat is also looking for a replacement for Chris Bosh who might not be able to play at all due to his health condition.

Meanwhile, the Knicks are still struggling at the opening of the season and are looking to shake up their roster. And now, a proposed trade deal between the three teams is being discussed and only time can tell when can it be done.

According to NBA Trade Rumors, trade scenario is suggesting as follows:

1. The Cleveland Cavaliers will acquire Carmelo Anthony from the Knicks;

2. The New York Knicks will then get Goran Dragic and Josh Richardson from the Heat;

3. Finally, the Miami Heat will obtain Kevin Love from the Cavs.

The website further states that adding Melo to the Cavs will give them an upgrade offensively aside from getting the good buddy of LeBron James. Moreover, the Knicks in return will get an experienced guard who can support Derrick Rose at the backcourt. As for the Heat, they will finally get a player whom they prefer to replace Bosh and play alongside Hassan Whiteside.

iSportsTimes earlier reported that Anthony was previously being linked to Cavs on a separate trade deal. The supposed trade deal is saying that Carmelo Anthony will be shifted to Cavs; Kevin Love will be moved to the Boston Celtics while the Celtics will send Jae Crowder and Avery Bradley to the Knicks. But up until now, this deal is not yet happening.

The report also says that King James admits that he wants to play with Melo, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Paul in the future or before they hang their sneakers. And James might give an extra push to convince the Cavs to add Melo to their team and join forces to defend their title.

Will the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and New York Knicks reach an agreement to make this deal happen?