All those who believe in UFOs and aliens would be glad to hear what Malcolm Robinson has to say. The founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations has made a shocking revelation and this is sure to further arouse the curiosity of people.

Robinson has said that governments around the world might be withholding UFO information from the general public, reports Daily Mail. According to him, a source in the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has told him that UFO findings are not disclosed to the public and that governments know far more about extra-terrestrial beings than they would like the people to believe.

Talking to Daily Star, he said that the manager of the old UFO desk at the MoD, Nick Pope once told him that the ministry does not even tell them half of what they know. For those who do not know, the MoD operated a UFO desk for 30 years, before closing it in 2008. After all these years, Robinson, whose organization carries out UFO and paranormal research, called the government to launch an inquiry into the sightings of the ministry.

This led to the findings being made public and they are available on the website of the National Archives website. There are altogether 25 files containing 4,400 pages and the final part of the files carries a range of documents, drawing, letters, photos and parliamentary questions related to the last two years of the UFO desk, i.e. from late 2007 till Nov 2009.

As for the closure of the desk, it was shut down as it was not considered helpful to the defence of the country. The closure announcement was made by an RAF Air Command and the briefing said that the MoD should seek to reduce the UFO task very significantly as it is consuming increasing resource but does not produce valuable defence output.

They also said that the no UFO sighting reported to MoD in over 50 years has revealed anything that suggests a threat to the military or an extra-terrestrial presence. The decision had made MoD predict that it would lead to a backlash from ufologists and it looks like the prediction has finally come true.