An insider close to Brad Pitt talked to TMZ about the child abuse accusations on how he got verbally abusive and physical with his children on a private plane.

The insider said, "He took the matter very seriously and says he did not commit any abuse, whatsoever, to his children. It's unfortunate for him that the people that are involved are continuing to pressure him into something we know he wouldn't do."

Before the breakup

About five days before Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, the much-celebrated couple was reportedly traveling with their kids when Brad, allegedly, got drunk, leading to a scary incident, as per TMZ reports.

During the flight, the actor was reported to have started screaming at their children, and even got to a point where he has gotten physical. Things didn't calm down even when the plane landed.

The situation was eventually reported to Children & Family Services, and 'Brangelina' were then interviewed, according to the gossip site.

The incident made Jolie to the inevitable

As per Hollywood Reports, the unfortunate incident pushed Jolie to end the marriage, and she listed the date of separation as Sept. 16, two days after Pitt's alleged abuse. The actress has sought for full physical custody of their children, only allowing Brad visitation. With that, Brad has yet to file a response.

Brad focuses on Kids

Ever since the split, the "World War Z" star has publicly claimed to make their children his focus, revealing in a recent statement that he is completely devastated about the breakup. Right now, his focus is the well-being of their children. Brangelina's six kids were recently spotted at a New York park with Angie's brother, James Haven, on Sept. 18.

Things will never be the same for Brangelina

Do you believe in the allegations against Brad Pitt? Or do you think it's just false claims? Either way, things will never be the same between what people thought to be the most successful Hollywood couple.