Once again, Apple landed in news headlines with their latest iOSv10.1 updates. Briefly after it's released, the tech giant has issued the iOS 10.1.1 for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. It is obvious that this current update is only available for models compatible with iOS 10.

Apple Releases iOS 10.1.1 And It Fixes Bugs On Health Apps(Photo : gettyimages.in)

The update aims to fix some bugs related to the Health app as some users with the iOS 10.1 update were not able to see it even after changing the settings of the iPhones according to the instructions of the company.

It is really good that Apple has responded very quickly to the problem and fixes it outright.

Owners of this update can experience of the newly designed lock screen, new Messages app, and updated Apple Music, among others.

The Maps app also reveals some new features. In a word, the iOS 10.1 explores some truly best features.

Owners of the iOS 10.1 update can avail two key ways to get this update.

The easiest is go to Settings >> General >> Software Update and click on it. Download the update easily and install it on the Apple device.

Another way is the use of the iTunes. Owners of the iOS 10.1 update need to install the iTunes first. Next, connect the device to a PC or Mac. Now it is necessary to select the icon appearing on the screen of the device. Then the users need to attend the summary tab and go to the Update option.

Good battery backup and a speedy Wi-Fi connection are must to get this essential update.

The bottom line is, the tech giant again proved their sincerity with the quickest response by addressing the right problem properly.