The extra-terrestrial races, including the Greys and Reptilians, are already among us, and are even creating a new, "advanced" race on the planet, according to ufologists. Hence, genetically-engineered alien-human hybrids have infiltrated the earthlings, and are part of an ongoing genetic engineering research and development program being conducted by Grey-Reptilian aliens.

They are soon going to take over humankind. The Conspiracy Theorists says that the aliens are classifying humans who show the most "desirable traits" for the race.

The theory is strange and bizarre - and has maybe even been created by an alien! It explains that Grey Aliens are abducting humans, and then injecting the "alien DNA" into eggs and sperm of humans.

(YouTube/Latest UFO Tracking 2016)

You too may be an alien. But how would you be able to tell? UFO blogger and alien researcher Scott W. Waring in UFO Sightings Daily blog has some interesting tips.

First of all, you would feel an "awareness, knowledge or insight" about your world that is unique to you, unlike other humans around you. Even if you know about it, you cannot explain why. "Like an animal born with the knowledge of flying south for the winter, it is in you, without any reason as to how you got it?"

Secondly, you might be able to show some advanced precognition powers, such as being able to know who is calling on the telephone even before you check it out. You might be able to sense what others are feeling or thinking, or you might have some intuitive powers, and many lucid dreams or strange experiences of deja vu.

Thirdly, you could have a sense of connection to and also sense a "non-physical realm." There might be some whispers, or awareness of ghostly figures or feelings around you that make you live in another parallel world.

Fourthly, you could actually make something really happen if you concentrate a lot on it.

Finally, alien-human hybrids feel lonely and cannot connect with ordinary humans. You might actually be feeling more in relationship with a different kind of world and their beings.

If you can sense that your answer is yes to all the points, then you should not "doubt" your DNA and should instead try to build and fulfill your genetic potential, says UFO blogger Scott C. Waring

Many conspiracy theory researchers claim that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a "certified Reptilian-Human hybrid", even though he would be the last to agree.

"Mark Zuckerberg - do you really think he just got lucky? Luck had nothing to do with it," Waring writes. "It is about skill, focus and passion... which is still working well for him... and yet it is also raising the awareness of humanity to the things around them."

Many commentators find this theory interesting, but give their own interpretations.

One commentator said: "It is time we accept our true nature. We are Spirits possessing hybrids," a believer said. "It's how we experience pain, love and suffering to evolve our Spirit."

Other hybrids are given the epithet of "Star Children" or "alien-hybrid Starseeds."

"I am a Star Child. There are thousands of us here," said a YouTube user on David Vose channel. "There are those of us who are here to help wake up the human race as well as those of us here to Protect Planet."