At least 59 were killed while 117 others were wounded when an ISIS-linked terrorist group attacked a police training academy in Pakistan on Tuesday.

The police training center in Quetta, a southwest city of Pakistan faced that horrible terrorist attack. According to an official, there were more than 700 trainees in the camp when the attack happened.

The fight against terrorists continued for four hours. Pakistani officials are not getting any exact idea about the number of deaths or injured. They said the number of deaths could increase.

According to some officials, a group of three terrorists entered into the compound clad in suicide vests while arm with automatic gun and grenade.

After killing the security guard in a watch tower before midnight, they entered into the hostel and occupied the place. Then they held at the police trainees as hostage.

A group of the Pakistani army and frontier corps came to the place to rescue the victims. The attack lasted for four and ended up after the death of three terrorists.

According to Provincial Interior Minister Sarfaraz Bugti, a sniper shoot one terrorist while his two companions detonated their suicide vests.

"We were sleeping in our room when we heard firing, we rushed out, I saw two terrorists were firing at another room, I ran to the roof of the hostel and from there I managed to come out," said one hostage.

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that the incident took place to demoralize the nation.