In what is turning out to be a 'Divorce Year'. Actor Tobey Maguire and his Jewellery designer wife Jennifer Meyer have announced their divorce.

It is amazing that quarreling parents, like the Brangelina pair, remark that their children are their priorities while divorcing. How could hurting their children through an estrangement make them devoted parents? When the couple takes a step to separate, the first collateral damage is suffered by the children. It does not make sense!

Still, Actor Tobey Maguire and his wife Jennifer Meyer  told People that they would be splitting soon, after having met and remained together since 2003.

"After much soul searching and consideration we have made the decision to separate as a couple," Maguire and Meyer said. "As devoted parents, our first priority remains raising our children together with enduring love, respect and friendship."

Actor Tobey Maguire and his wife Jennifer Meyer  had met up in 2003 and got married in September, 2007. Their wedding had been most private and intimate, in a Hawaiian function, with a small group of family and friends. It got them two lovely children: daughter Ruby, 9, and son Otis, 7.

Meyer designed Jennifer Aniston's wedding ring during her recent wedlock to Justin Theroux.

At that time they made some excited remarks that made everyone happy. Meyer, the jewelry designer, said: "Let's just say this is truly the best time of my life. I'm walking on air. I'm getting married, starting a family and have an amazing company."

Her boyfriend, Maguire, who has had a turbulent childhood, said that he wanted to settle down and get some stability. These were his priorities, he said then, in 2007.

"Growing up the way I did, I had a very serious ambition to make some money, to have some security and comfort in my life."

What happened to all those vows and dreams? Looks like they all just evaporated without a trace.