Boston Celtics is preparing and gearing for multi-player deal to acquire any of these three great players - Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant, or LaMarcus Alridge.

These trades, according to is said to be accomplished before the next season of the NBA starts.

Danny Ainge, general manager of Boston Celtics, shared in one of his interviews that the team is determined to have a superstar player through free agency or via trade in the NBA 2016-2017season.

Moreover, Metro reported that Kevin Durant is one of the key choices to join Boston Celtics in the upcoming season if his performance in the Golden State Warriors is not that satisfying.

It has been said that Durant is a key factor for the Warriors to redeem the championship title next season; however there is also a possibility that they will lose again and Kevin Durant will end up transferring to other team in which he can become the leader.

There are reports before that claimed Durant's unsuitability in the Golden State Warriors big three because he seems to be not a perfect fit not only for the Big 3 but for the whole team as well.

And it can be recalled that Boston Celtics is the second choice of Durant when he joined the Golden State Warriors. There is a tendency that he would end up joining Boston Celtics whenever it will not still work out for him with the Warriors in the next NBA season.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Butler is also rumored to be joining Celtics because Chicago Bulls has to deal on a lot of things in order for them to improve their roster.

The last NBA player speculated to move in Boston Celtics is LaMarcus Alridge. It has been rumored that Alridge is not happy with his team, San Antonio Spurs so there is also a big chance that he will be available for a trading block next offseason.

So which among these three great players will make a perfect fit for the Boston Celtics? Will it be Kevin Durant, LaMarcus Alridge, or Jimmy Butler?