According to recent report by New York Post, 39-year-old Max Spiers was found dead in his home in Poland, with black vomit trickling out of his mouth. Spiers was reportedly researching on black magic, during his last few months. The black liquid from his mouth is likened to the "black oil" that the aliens in TV show "X-files" used to inhabit human bodies.

In her statement to Yahoo News, his girlfriend Sarah Adams revealed that he was almost on the verge of exposing some public figures, including politicians and celebrities, who practiced the art of black magic. Adams also added that she worried about his death many times before the tragedy finally struck her.

She also revealed that they were getting constant death threats from some very powerful people, warning the couple that they will die due to their meddling.

Adams added in her statement that this could not be a suicide because he was looking forward to his life with her because she was going to have his child soon. He also messaged her a few hours before his untimely death.

Spiers was a self taught expert of conspiracy theories and UFOs and was in Poland to give a talk on these two topics.

His dedicated followers were crestfallen by the report of his death and developed theories of their own to explain what could have caused his demise. Some even reference "X-Files" alien virus, Purity, as cause of his death. If this virus enters human body, it causes black slush to ooze out of eyes and mouth.

A fan, Craig Hewlett, noted that Spiers was healthy and could not have just fallen sick and died. He also added that he was poisoned and killed by the people he was threatening to expose.