One year after winning an Oscar for fighting against nature, Leonardo DiCaprio is now tries to save it. Leo is already notable for his outspoken personality on issues affecting climate change.

Rumor has it that he wanted to take his message to the next level with a movie about the best environmentalist superhero who isn't Groot.

Apparently, Hollywood star's production company Appian Way is incorporating with Paramount to produce a screenplay for a "Captain Planet" film.

For those who don't remember, Captain Planet is a superhero who can only be called up by the "Planeteers," five young humans who hold magic rings representing natural elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Heart).

Captain Planet is blue and can fly. He can transform into the elements, and his big weakness is pollutants. In other words, he is a nerd.

A script that is being penned by actor Glen Powell and his writing fellow Jono Matt is already in the early stage. Powell is best known for "The Dark Knight Rises" in 2012, "The Expendables 3" in 2014 and "Everybody Wants Some!!" early this year. It's still unknown whether he'll also star in Captain Planet.

Reportedly, the script focuses on an older, more disappointed Captain Planet, who (beyond any doubt) has really taken a beating since his 1990 to 1992 high point.

The reigning Best Actor Oscar-winner and his crew seem to like trying with more effective, modern approach to the original cartoon: pouring in a little more humor into the story as well as into the character.

The washed-up character narrative has proven popular these days, from BoJack Horseman to Ben Affleck's Batman. So, if we come to think of it, if the Captain Planet film is just a mixture of those two things we will definitely have a new blockbuster.

Leonardo DiCaprio was recently in London to promote his documentary Before the Flood that allowed him meeting with activists and scientists to discuss the dangers of climate change and possible solutions for such big problem.Let's see what he can accomplish with Captain Planet movie.