Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is rumored to launch in the October special event in New York this month. The fifth generation of Surface device is expected to fix power management issues from its previous version which has plagued Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft has successfully introduced Surface Pro 4 as a laptop replacement, according to CNET. Its powerful computing power with Intel Skylake technology, bigger RAM and beter display. The success of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is reflected in Apple iPad Pro and Google Pixel C tablet that follow Microsot design in Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft Surface was designed as a hybrid form of tablet and laptop. When the company launched its first Surface in 2012, its main idea was to integrate its Windows OS software with Microsoft hardware.

Its first generation was inferior to the already established iPad. But Surface Pro slowly gained recognition, especially after its partnership with NFL in 2014.

Although Surface Pro is still plagued with its power management issue, users expect Microsoft to fix the problem in its fifth generation. The power management problem began in Surface Pro 3, when users reported their devices suffered an extreme battery-drainage issues in models with Simplo batteries in September.

Following the report, Microsoft released the firmware patch to fix the battery issue. But after users installed the firmware, devices that previously had no problem suddenly experienced the extreme battery drainage.

Microsoft has admitted the problem with the battery. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 also inherited the power management problem, as it was unable to sleep properly and draining battery very fast.

In this October event, at least, a new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to launch at Windows 10 event next week, as reported by PC Advisor. The event will be held in New York on Oct. 26.

The speculation about the launching of Surface Pro 5 arose when a concept trailer of the fifth generation of Surface Pro device was circulated to public. The trailer showed Surface Pro 5 and its new features. These include a laptop class keyboard, 12.3-inch display and front facing speaker. The device is powered with Windows 10 Pro with a 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD storage.

Watch the concept trailer of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 from Geert van Uffelen below: