Tesla X 60D only lasts four months. The company stops the production of its SUV this month, after its debut in July. Tesla now faces real competition from the real carmakers in the auto industry. Therefore, it has to make a strategic move to gain the market share.

After only four months in the market, Tesla stops the production of its cheaper model SUV X-60D according to report by Electrek but continue to work on the Model X Crossover SUV. The company also increased the price of Model X and made changes in suspension from the spring coil to "Smart Air Suspension."

Model X is the crossover SUV which was first revealed in February 2012. Tesla offered its Model X at the base price of $80,000. After a long wait and delays for more than three years, Tesla was finally able to make the first delivery of Mode X 75D to customers starting September.

Last July, Tesla introduced a low-cost SUV as a variant of its Model X, the X 60D with the $74,000 price tag. The X 60D is introduced as a software-limited version of the original Model X 75D, as per Digital Trend.

It has the same specifications with the X 75D. But the software reduces the battery access, as the the X 60D is only able to reach 200 miles per charge while the 75D can run for 237 miles.

There is no details why the company decides to discontinue its low-cost SUV. There is speculation that the reason was the tougher competition from the traditional carmaker in the low-cost electric car. The latest one was from General Motors with Chevrolet Bolt EV. This will be in production at the end of this year, after its introduction in 2015 North American International Auto Show.

Tesla is rumored to introduce another SUV, as reported by CNN, which referred to Model Y as another concept car. But as the company is famous for its long production delay, it seems the Model Y may not be available within the next three to five years.