Love is still in the air! Emma Stone, the well-known prodigy of the Hollywood entertainment industry, has revealed her true feelings for her former significant other, Andrew Garfield.

The Easy A star and Andrew Garfield were draped in love for four years before they separated for good. The pair decided to call it quits last year and since then Emma Stone has been living a life of a single, young woman.

So many of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's fans are quite skeptical about the nature of their relationship. Stone recently addressed her single life woes in her latest edition of Vogue and has cleared off all the misconceptions about her dating life, maintaining that she is single.

But the question is still up in the air as Stone describes her past lover in a way which proves the fact that Emma stone is still not over Andrew Garfield.

"[He's] someone I still love very much," said Stone. "I'm really glad you're sitting down so I can tell you," she jokingly added. It's rather heartbreaking!

 "There is definitely still love for each other there," an insider shared. "They remain close and are on good terms."

In a nutshell, Emma Stone's personal life is in serious limbo. The split of their association is highlighted, but her recent remarks make her fans wish they were still together, all draped in each other's arms once again.

It is a well-known fact that Emma Stone often saves herself for big screen appearances. She has an exceptional knack of keeping her personal life under wraps. She took it to Vogue in order to promote her recent marvel La La Land with Ryan Gosling but couldn't hold up her pressed feelings for her long time beau Andrew Garfield.