German automobile company BMW (Bavarian Works Motor) is one of the costliest and world famous automobile companies. Its unique technology, beautiful features and utmost comfort level grabbed a large part of the automobile market. Though each of its every model is expensive, BMW is everyone's dream car.

This famous automaker brings something innovative every year and customers wait for new magic throughout the year. Last Friday, BMW confirmed that they will bring an electric version of the BMW X3 and its mini car soon.

This is not the first time BMW is making an electric car. They already have two very famous electric car models such as BMW i8 and BMW i3. After the two electric models, the company believed that the new electric version of the BMW X3 and its mini cars will attract a large group of buyers.

There is no doubt that BMW is one step ahead compared to other automobile companies, especially is an electric vehicle market.

BMW CEO Harald Krueger said, "Competitors are now in phase one of their electric strategy, while we're entering phase two. We're already well on our way to electrifying the core portfolio, using Power train technology from BMW i."

According to him, their electric mini cars will give tough competition to other famous automobile companies. He has also announced that electric mini cars will be launched on the market in 2019 and the electric version of BMW X3 will arrive in 2020.

There are few world famous companies who manufacture electric vehicles such as Volkswagen, Daimler, Tesla from the United States and Bavarian Works Motor. Undoubtedly, BMW is best among these. This new step will definitely create a remarkable position in the electric vehicle auto market.