KBS expects its new drama "On the Way to the Airport" to perform better than "Uncontrollably Fond." Two Hallyu top star Kim Ha-Neul and Lee Sang-Yoon plays together in the new KBS drama.

"On The Way to the Airport" (Hanguk: 공항가는 길 - Gonghan Kanen Gil) was premiered last week on Sept. 21 as a Wednesday and Thursday drama on KBS. It competes head to head with MBC drama "Shopping King Louie" on the same day.

According to Nielsen Korea's rating report, KBS' new drama made a 7.4 percent viewership rating, outperforming MBC by 1.8 percent as reported by Star MT and translated into English. The drama was written by Lee Sook-Yun who is well-known as movie writer and this is her first time writing a drama. Veteran director Kim Cheol-Kyu is in charge to direct the movie.

The movie is follows the life of Choi Soo-A (Kim) a chief flight attendant while her husband Park Jin-Suk (Shin Sung-Rok) works as a pilot in the same airline. They both have a 12-year old daughter Hyo-Eun (Kim Hwan-Hee) who studied in Malaysia. However, Jin-Suk is a very cold man and Soo-A is emotionally stressful.

One day, Hyo-Eun roommate, Annie had an accident and she passed away in the hospital. Her father Seo Do-Woo (Lee Sang-Yoon) cremated Annie and when he returned home to Korea he met Soo-A in the airplane, and he recognized her as the mother of his daughter's roommate.

From then on, the story unfolds, as Soo-A finds Do-Woo as a loving and warm hearted man. According to KBS, the drama is an emotional melodrama about two married person sharing their empathy and consolation to each other.

KBS expects "On the Way to the Airport" to perform better than Uncontrollably Fond, which suffered a serious decline in rating. The drama is aired every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS2 at 10:00 p.m. KST (GMT+9), and international fans can also watch the drama in KBS World TV with English subtitles.

Watch the preview of "On The Way to the Airport" from KBS World TV channel below: