Jung Il-Woo sit and talked to Arirang TV's Lina Kwon in the 294th episode of popular show Showbiz Korea. He told about his new drama "Cinderella and Four Knights" and his opinion about his fellow actor in the drama. He also revealed trip with his fans and answering some questions asked by international fans.

Jung is an actor with 10 years of experience and his new drama "Cinderella and Four Knights" aired in tvN has garnered him more international recognition.

In an interview with Arirang TV English program Showbiz Korea, he acknowledged being nicknamed "uselessly handsome" by his co-star Park So-Dam. He also laughed when the interviewer Lina Kwon reminded him to not use of his catch phrase in the drama, "Get lost!" (꺼져=kyeojo) in the interview.

He admitted, that after 10 years of experience as quoted by Naver and translated to English, he becomes more technical in his acting approach. Therefore, when Park hinted him for an impromptu acting, he welcomed her idea and it turned out well.

The impromptu acting has made a very good chemistry between Jung and Park sparkles in the drama. The approach is also able to display a depth of emotion betwen their characters.

Jung also praised his fellow co-star, Park, Ahn Jae Hyun, Son Naeun and Lee Jung Shin. He said that they get along together during the filming, and spend time drinking together. That is the reason of their good chemistry and acting.

Furthermore, he answered a question asked by intenational fans about what kind of role he wanted to play in the future. He indicated that he wanted to take on roles of soldier, like the one in "Descendants of the Sun." It is because the role suits his age and he wanted to take attempt action role.

At the end of interview, he gave the interviewer a special gift prepared by his mother to commemorate his 10 year of acting. What kind of gift? Find it out in the complete 18 minutes of interview from the Arirang TV channel below.