Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was reportedly in a gay relationship with his roommate and personal assistant Kevin Lanflisi. was the first ones to report the rumor after receiving an anonymous tip from a source.

According to the site's source, people in Wisconsin have suspected that Rodgers was on the DL for a while now. The site reports that Rodgers and Lanflisi got into an argument because the NFL star changed his mind about revealing he was gay.

Radar Online reports that over the summer about four NFL players were all supposed to come out of the closet at the same time. Rodgers was reportedly one of them but he changed his mind at the last minute. Now, an upset Lanflisi is using Twitter to subliminally vent about a failed relationship.

Lanflisi has not included Rodgers' name in any of the tweets but people are speculating that he is hinting at his secret romance with the quarterback. Reportedly Lanflisi got so upset that he moved out of Rodgers' Wisconsin home and now lives in California with his sister.  To add legitimacy to their story, included pictures of the two men together, none of which hint at a gay relationship. In some of the photos, which were removed from Lanflisi's Twitter account, the two are seen posing at black-tie events, casual gatherings with friends and on the golf course.

In one picture, Lanflisi is seen wearing Rodgers' 2011 Super Bowl ring.  

"Aaron has attended numerous sports award shows with Kevin, always color coordinated and without any double female dates," the source told the site. "Kevin was also the first person Aaron embraced when the Packers won the Super Bowl in 2011."

The NFL star has talked about Lanflisi in past interviews. He told the Milkwaukee Magazine that he usually judges the rich and famous "based on how they are to people like Kevin."

"Kevin, he's not a famous person," he told the magazine, reports. "I want to see if they give Kevin the time of day, or if they big-time him."

In a 2008 interview with Sporting News he also opened about his friendship with Lanflisi when he was asked who he lives with.

"I've got a roommate, a guy I met in town," he said. "He works for the Packers now as an athletic trainer, but he was interning when I met him and we just hit it off. He's been great for me as far as great conversations outside of football. Our friendship goes a lot deeper than what we do."

Neither Rodgers nor Lanflisi has addressed the rumors on Twitter. The athlete is usually very private about his personal life. In a report last year by International Business Times, it was rumored that Rodgers was in a serious relationship with Destiny Newton.

"Rodger's relationship with Newton is a close-kept secret, to say the least," IBT writes. "The football player has never discussed his romantic relationships with the press, and although the Internet has plenty of pictures of the couple, they have yet to be seen together at any major public event... except Newton cheering Rodgers on at Packers games, that is."

The two met as teenagers at a church camp. Rodgers has also been linked to ESPN's Erin Andrews and actress Jessica Szohr; both relationships reportedly didn't last long.