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K-Drama 'Scarlet Heart Ryeo' Episode 10 Spoilers: Chaos in palace after Wang So kisses Hae Soo

After 4th prince forced himself on Hae Soo to kiss her, turbulence emerges in the palace. Hae Soo outpaces herself from him and get closer to 8th prince.

By Menahem Zen | Sep 22, 2016 02:30 PM EDT

Hae Soo put on her handmade 'BB cream" on 4th prince Wang So on Episode 9 of 'Scarlet Heart Ryeo.'
Hae Soo put on her handmade 'BB cream" on 4th prince Wang So on Episode 9 of 'Scarlet Heart Ryeo.'

(Photo : Twitter/Moon Lover KBS)

In last week's episode of "Scarlet Heart Ryeo,'' Fourth Prince Wang So forcefully kissed Hae Soo, who rejected it because she already fell for the eighth prince, Wang Wook. As she was unable to overpower Wang So, she cried instead. Next week, we will see turbulence in the Palace.

Prince Wang So made a name for himself last week after he led a successful rain ritual to end the long drought in the Kingdom of Goryeo. King Taejo allowed him to ask one wish and Prince Wang So requested that Hae Soo may be given to him to which the king granted the wish.

Afterward, Prince Wang So forced himself on Hae Soo, trying to kiss her. Hae Soo rejected him, but Wang Soo was too powerful that she could not overpower him.

Last week's episode also brought element of humor. When Hae Soo, being from the 21st century, thought to apply baby cream to hide Wang So's scar. She successfully invented the cream and putting it on his scar to conceal it. Therefore, Wang So held the ritual without wearing his mask. 

Singer IU, who goes by her real name Lee Ji-Eun in "Scarlet Heart Ryeo" is recently elected in the ninth place of the most famous singer in Korea, according to Korean Business Research Institute. The data was published in News Town Korea on Monday Sept. 19.

Singer Im Chang Jung topped the list singer, followed by EXO in second place.  IU was listed in ninth place with her stage name written in Hangul as 아이유.

Meanwhile, "Scalet Heart Ryeo" has a big potential to win the international fans. It competes with "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds" that airs at the same time.

Its line up cast and characters from "Scalet Heart Ryeo" is a satisfaction guarantee according to Soompi.

Many famous celebrities are cast in the drama such as Lee Joon-Gi (Wang So), Kang Ha-Neul (Wang Wook), EXO's member Baekhyun (prince Wang Eun) and Girl's Generation member Seohyun as Wohee, the last princess of Bakjae.

"Scarlet Heart Ryeo" airs at 10 p.m. KST on SBS every Monday and Tuesday. The drama is also available to international viewers at the same channel.



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