According to several sources, the major San Francisco based online social networking service company, Twitter, which emerged in 2006, could be receiving formal bids with the possibility of as early as by the end of this year.

The pace of talks are expected to precipitate due to the increasing amount of major corporations expressing their interest in acquiring the giant.

It was also revealed that Twitter's own board of directors are predominantly in approbation with the possible acquisition.

Many on the other hand, are in disbelief of the likelihood that the company, whose services remain popular to this day, being capitalized on countless news programs, T.V. shows, etc., will either be auctioned off or sold to the most favorable suitor.

What many people are not aware of is actually an internal reason. The company has been struggling with how to expand and there have been a score of high level employees leaving.

Vala Afshar, the Chief Digital Evangelist for Salesforce made an abrupt "tweet" lauding the company soon after CNBC reported the rumors of sales talks which included the mentioning of his company. Adding fuel to the said rumors and putting Salesforce in that prospective list despite the fact that it's primarily an enterprise focused company.

Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company was also mentioned along with Verizon, the telecommunications giant, as being amongst the possible prospects.

Apple, although not mentioned in the media report, probably has more rationale to acquire Twitter than any of the other aforementioned companies. Mainly, because in the past, it has failed with their social media endeavors like Ping and the Connect tab in Apple Music. Taking over Twitter can be a vindication of the companys previous botched efforts with the social experiment.