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SpaceX to return in November, seeks NASA help for Mars mission

The recent Falcon 9 rocket explosion generate a wave of devastation for SpaceX. However, SpaceX is expected to bounce back in November 2016 and is also collaborating with NASA for a Mars mission.

By Guneet Bhatia | Sep 23, 2016 09:49 AM EDT

SpaceX Falcon 9
After four failed attempts that span almost a month, SpaceX has finally launched a satellite into orbit - although the mission ultimately failed when the rocket exploded upon landing. (Photo : Getty Images)

After the recent Falcon 9 rocket explosion, space enthusiasts are wondering how long will it take for SpaceX to bounce back in action. Questions have been raised about the efficacy of Elon Musk's company but the team is confident of returning soon and is also reported to be getting support from NASA for its ambitious Mars project.

SpaceX spokesman Dex Torricke-Barton has said that SpaceX expects to return to flight in November and also hopes to identify the cause of the rocket explosion, reports The Motley Fool. The assertion definitely reflects optimism, and given the track record of the company, it looks like the claim might be true.

In the past, the company has come out from setbacks and now that Musk plans to reach the red planet by 2018, it seems very likely that they are trying hard to upgrade their equipment and expertise. However, Musk's rivals are not buying these claims. Last week, Tory Bruno CEO of United Launch Alliance (ULA) hinted that SpaceX would be out of commission between 9 and 12 months.

Meanwhile, it is being said that NASA is on board with the Mars colonization plan of SpaceX, reports Nature World News. Stories surfaced that the American space agency will play a critical role in helping SpaceX develop a new technology called "supersonic retro propulsion."

During a teleconference, NASA's commercial spaceflight director Phil AcAlister discussed the elements of the agency's partnership with Musk's company. It was revealed that the US space agency uses the cargo rockets of SpaceX to supply goods to the International Space Station.

AcLister also said that they are just a consultant to SpaceX and provide very specific areas of expertise. SpaceX shares data with NASA and the latter's engineers provide advice to the former's researchers.

Still, it is notable that the space agency thinks highly of the Mars colonization mission of Musk. In its view, the mission is a good investment and has the potential to succeed.




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