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'Star Wars: Episode 8': Is Snoke Luke’s grandfather? Is Kylo Ren not Han Solo’s son?

Rumors surrounding "Star Wars: Episode 8" indicate that Snoke might be Luke Skywalker’s grandfather, while another theory asserts that Kylo Ren might not be Han Solo’s son.

By Cresswell McCoy | Sep 23, 2016 05:02 AM EDT

'Star Wars' themed wedding in Hollywood
A giant 'Star Wars: Force Awakens' poster is seen out side of the Chiniese Theatre during the 'Star Wars' themed wedding ceremony (Photo : Anadolu Agency / Contributor)

Since "The Force Awakens" premiered last year, Star Wars fans have been waiting for the continuation of the story. With scripts leaks and plot twists abounding, the latest rumor is about Snoke being Luke Skywalker's grandfather.  Another theory discusses that Kylo Ren is not Han Solo's son.

"The Force Awakens" clearly exposed that Kylo Ren is the deeply troubled son of Han Solo and Princess Leila, but the new theory stats that Kylo is a relative and not actually their son. There are arguments on this theory as many disagree with it. According to Ecumenical News the new plot came in the form of a supposed script leak. It is said that the script progresses into a sequence when Luke and Snoke encounters each other. It also states that the Darth Vader is pulled in when Snoke gets a question from Luke regarding his relation to the Sith Lord.

This will lead to the fact that Snoke is actually Darth Vader's father, which of course will be Luke's grandfather. It will not be surprising to some fans if this theory is to be true, and if it is true it will surely make Luke's family a complicated one. What is not sure is if this is the correct twist, what if Rey could be the villain and Kylo the hero?

According to Mobile & Apps there is a good chance that fans will witness the unexpected plot in the Star Wars Episode 8, and Luke Skywalker might just face his biggest opponent ever. There are high possibilities that these theories can be true, based on the fans predictions the scenario is happening and Episode 8 is definitely going to be with a lot of twists. Knowing the fact that Snoke is Luke's grandfather and Kylo Ren  not Han Solo's son with be enclosed on December 15, 2017 when Star Wars Episode 8 is set to premiere.  



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