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‘Naruto Shippuden’ Episode 476 and 477 spoilers: Five things you need to know

With the end of the entire “Naruto” anime series fast approaching, fans have eagerly been waiting for any scrap of information. One week from now, their patience will be rewarded with the most epic final battle to cap off the series.

By Shannon Azares | Sep 23, 2016 01:13 AM EDT

The highly-anticipated release of the "Boruto" manga has finally been unveiled, with "Naruto" author Kishimoto creating a one-shot manga to be released weeks before the new series begins. (Photo : YouTube/Madman)

After Team 7's epic battle against Madara, the tear-jerking reunion of Rin and Obito, the bravery and unwavering loyalty of Kakashi, and the near-impossible fight against Kaguya, fans thought that that's the end of the anime legend "Naruto Shippuden." But it seems that Masashi Kishimoto has other ideas.

"Naruto Shippuden" is far from done. With only a five-second breather, the author of "Naruto" brings fans to one final battle to cap off the series and bring it to a full circle. In "Naruto Shippuden" episode 476 and 477, Sasuke and Naruto face off in a fist and heart battle to discover what the title of Hokage means.

Airing on September 29, "Naruto Shippuden" episode 476 and 477 will be a one-hour special to satiate the hunger of the fans after being deprived of an episode this week to make way for "Pokemon XY&Z," according to Parent Herald.

What with the nine-tailed Kurama's friendship, the history of shinobi laid bare, down to Minato and Naruto's tearful goodbye, you think you've seen it all. Kishimoto has other ideas. And that's what makes the final episodes of "Naruto Shippuden" a legend that will make you go back to when it started.

To help you get through the excruciating week before the epic battle between Naruto and Sasuke, here are five things you need to know about "Naruto Shippuden" episode 476 and episode 477.

(WARNING! This section contains spoilers for "Naruto Shippuden." Read at your own risk.)

1.  If there's one thing about the entire anime series that will make you cry, it's Naruto and Sasuke. The one-hour special will showcase the friendship and rivalry between the two starting from that time when a young Naruto saw Sasuke sitting all alone next to a lake.

2.  Episode 476 and 477 will bring you back to the basics of their first fight by starting where Naruto and Sasuke left off in their first real fight against each other before the latter disappeared for years. The epic fight will take place in the Final Valley.

3. Sasuke: "Farewell, my one and only friend."

4. From the highest level of techniques to exhibit just how much Naruto and Sasuke have grown from the children they were, the fight will boil down to the basics that they know: a Chidori and a Rasengan.

5. The final episodes of "Naruto Shippuden" brings us back and answers the question that started it all: what does it mean it to be a ninja?

"Naruto Shippuden" 476 and 477 is set to air on September 29.

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