Hit anime series "Dragon Ball Super" has definitely garnered a huge fan base to date. Episode 59, which was supposedly airing last Sep. 18 did not push through. Fans have to wait until Sep. 25 for the latest episode of Goku's adventures.

Speculations began circulating that a character will die. Specifically, fans have predicted the fate of Supreme Kai Gowasu on the forthcoming episode. Looks like his mentee Zamasu's plan to kill him will come into play sooner than later.

Recalling Dragon Ball Super's episode 58, Goku witnessed the Future Zamasu bearing a pair of Potara, earrings that only Kaioshins can wear. This scene made Goku and his companions take in that Universe 10 Gowasu is on the brink of destruction.

The trailer for episode 59 of Dragon Ball Super exposes Zamasu's intent of killing Supreme Kai Gowasu, his master, by giving him poisoned tea to drink. In the video, both the Supreme Kai and Zamasu were in for tea time then the former drops his own cup, spilling his tea, Vine Report states.

According to a report by Christian Post, the delay on the airing of episode 59 of Dragon Ball Super by a week was because of Japan's Fuji TV changing its process of scheduling its television programs. The 40th Anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine was aired in place of Dragon Ball Super's episode 59.

With the anime's future installment, episode 60, airing on the first week of October, fans are expecting it to start off with Supreme Kai Gowasu's death in the hands of his apprentice, Zamasu. The protagonists, Goku and Vegeta, will arrive in the Universe 10 but will be too late to break off the incident, MNR Daily implies.

Furthermore, Supreme Kai Gowasu's death seems to have stirred up Beerus, the God of Destruction from Universe 7, as it looks like the characters is stepping in to kill the Present Zamasu in order to make the future safer. However, Future Trunks is ostensibly distressed with the circumstance, ultimately deciding to go to his future and make sure things have improved after Zamasu's death.

In related news, it's also highly probable that fans will now know about Black Goku's real identity when Dragon Ball Super episode 60 airs, posted by Movie News Guide.