It is a known fact that a lot of parents in India have been using, for many years, pre-birth gender determination methods to abort unborn female fetuses.

Because of this, the country's courts have been doing their best to put an end to this inhumane and unruly practice even if it means going after the big guns.

The Indian Supreme Court issued a warning against three online search engine giants - Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft - earlier this year. They warned against uplifting the violations of bans on gender selective abortion and prenatal sex testing.

In the hopes of stopping this malpractice and saving the country's female babies from being unborn, the Indian court ordered the online search companies to halt advertisement publications that promote gender discrimination tools, clinics, kits, per se.

Despite the three search engine giants condemning the order and implying that blocking keywords related to these ads could also thwart other scholarly materials and sites that have no connection to the case.

The head judge, Justice Dipak Mishra, impassively responded in court with a statement, "You can't say that you are not technically equipped. If you say you are, get out of the market."

Fortunately, the three companies appeared to have sorted the issue out and will be complying with the court's orders, as per report of the Indian health ministry to its supreme court last Sep. 19. Albeit the initial disagreement, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft agreed on blocking 22 keywords pertaining to prenatal gender testing, Bloomberg reported.

Furthermore, Google told Bloomberg it will be "disabling autocomplete predictions for relevant terms on its site and showing a warning that tells users prenatal gender screening or testing is illegal in India."

The basis for Indian courts to issue warnings to Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo is because the Indian law actually prohibits advertising sex determination methods and bans medical institutions from offering them.

Although some clinics and medical practitioners are against the mandate and would want for gender determination procedures to be legalized so they are able to properly distinguish parents who are looking to abort female fetuses and intervene.