With a great response from the smartphone tech market for One Plus mobiles, One Plus 4 is expected to boom the tech market with amazing features.

One Plus 4 smartphone might hit the market in the coming year with amazing features and specifications than its predecessor One plus 3. The rumors on internet are emerging with high pace than the manufacturer might have thought for it.

Design is the first option the consumer might think off, it is rumored that the One plus 4 will be made of aluminum curved body with a 5.5 inch diagonal screen with Optic AMOLED display with 4k resolution. Also, rumored that it is designed with 3D technology and other features.

Technology that makes the phone a biggest competitor is one of the main aspects for the consumers, and One Plus 4 is rumored to have QUALCOMM snapdragon processor with Android Nougat OS incorporated with a RAM of 8 gigabytes and 32 gigabytes of internal storage expandable up to 256 gigabytes.

The battery life of smartphone is also the most important aspect and it is reported that the One Plus 4 is expected to have 4000mAh battery with a long running time. Wireless charging likely to be introduced in One Plus 4.

The selfie factor is currently trending and the consumers expects the best camera in the mobile, One Plus 4 is rumored to have 21MP or 23MP rear camera with Sony sensor integration and rumored to have 8MP front camera for selfie craze.

According to Tech times, One Plus 4 is rumored to be released in mid-2017 or few months earlier. The rumored price for the amazingly featured One Plus 4 is expected to be around 400USD.

Various reports suggest that the new One Plus 4 is more powerful than iPhone 7, to be released in mid-2017.