In 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook first launched Apple Watch and called it "comprehensive health and fitness device." Now Apple Watch series 2 has been officially unveiled with some big new feature, which will turn this whole new version of Apple Watch 2 into sports watch contender.

Like Fitbits and other activity trackers, it will count every step, calories burned, distance run and heart rate. It's capable of doing what other fitness trackers cannot - it can run third-party apps, shows you notification and takes direction as well as calls.

The most important feature of Apple Watch 2, its waterproof. You can take it for a dip of 50 metres depth. Swimmers can avail the both pool swim and open water swim options.

This watch comes in four variant silver, gold, rose gold and space grey finish. Apple is also offering a new white ceramic model that claims four times harder than stainless steel.

Apple is also teaming up with Nike for a special edition watch which will come in four colours and including customs watches.

The display has some advance changes this time; Apple has opted for a new touchscreen which is apparently two times brighter than the previous Apple Watch, offering 1,000 nits of brightness. This is the brightest screen Apple has created on any of its devices.

The sports credentials of the first Apple Watch was not up to the mark, the fitness tracking was great but the lack of GPS and questionable heart rate data was proved to disadvantage for it. Now apple has made sure that they have the accuracy in measuring heart rate and built in GPS.WatchOS3 beta is available to download on Watch series 2 for the better performance.

So how much this whole new Apple Watch 2 will cost you? The biggest quest when it comes to Apple, so the prize stars at $369 for the series 2 but can go up to $1099 if you want one with stainless steel case and strap. The new ceramic Apple Watch Edition will land in late October, and will cost around $1249