Microsoft is rumored to launch its newly developed power-user 2-in-1 laptop, Microsoft Surface Book 2 in an event likely to be held in October and the device is expected to be released into the tech market in 2017.

Although, Microsoft has not officially announced the news on its new development Surface Book 2; rumors suggest that the most awaited device of Microsoft is likely to hit the tech world in October 2016.  It is rumored that the Microsoft might delay the release dates as the new devices of it are powered by new Intel chip and 4K display which are likely to hit the market by end of the year 2016. Also, reports shows that the Windows 10 update is also delayed on a wait of new hardware launch.

According to Christian Today, Microsoft's Surface Book 2 even though unveiled in the coming month of October, the device is likely to hit the market well beyond December - forecasted to early 2017. It is rumored that the Intel Kaby Lake processor will be equipped in it to have better performance than its previous version of processor. The new generation chip is reportedly going to be significantly faster that the current generation Skylake micro architecture-based processors, also rumored to have less power consumption.

It is reported that the upcoming device is rumored to have 4K resolution and three-dimensional display, along with the possible support for USB 3.1. It is rumored that Microsoft's Surface Book 2 will be launched together with Surface Pro 5 in the same event which is likely to be held in October 2016.

After the launch of Apple's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the tech market seems to be diverted towards Apple and the rival company Microsoft is getting ready to release its newly developed devices to get attention and business of tech market towards it.