Fans of the upcoming Pokémon GO Gen 2, which is speculated to arrive in 2017, are getting more excited due to rumors that it will come with second generation pocket monsters along with 100 new ones and more evolution options.

According to a NeuroGadget report, right after Niantic's John Hanke's revelation of the game's big plans at the San Diego Comic-Con, majority of the fans just can't stop discussing the details about the new Pokémon Breeding system.

It revealed that Pokémon trainers will most likely be allowed to pair full-grown Pokémon with opposite genders, to produce their own baby pocket monsters. Unfortunately it is believed that the feature is still subjected to discussion.  

Christian Today article mentioned that the Pokémon GO Gen 2 will also allow players to engage in candy farming, an important requirement for the monsters to evolve or power up.

It is also rumored that a Daycare Tab will be included on the game's menus to allow players to conveniently track the new eggs they have as well as determine the required walking distance before all these pocket monsters would hatch.

It was also known that a lot of trainers are currently close to catching almost all the 151 pocket monsters included on the current version of the game that precedes the Pokémon GO Gen 2. Thus, the speculation that the upcoming version of the game will come with another 100 pocket monsters can now be considered feasible.

In addition to that, Pokémon GO Gen 2 is also believed to feature a new evolution line intended for the game's existing creatures known as legacy evolutions. With this feature, a player with Slowpoke in his inventory currently becomes capable of pushing the creature to evolve into Slowking or into the basic Slowbro.

Finally, Niantic's Hanke also hinted that a customizable Pokéstop will be available on Pokémon GO Gen 2 to highlight the creative side of players. In addition, the trainers will also be allowed to tweak a specific function of the Pokéstops they own.