There are reports that Kill Bill 3 is currently in the works. After quite a long time, director Quentin Tarantino revealed that he will still be directing the third film.

Following the confirmation is his revelation on what will happen in the movie as well as Uma Thurman as a returning main cast.

As per Nerd Core Movement, the Kill Bill director shared that fans are so enthusiastic of him doing the third movie again. As a response to that clamor, he said he is more than willing to direct the third installment of the franchise.

He even added that it will be a "never say never" when talks are already pointing to Kill Bill 3.

As what was reported by Metro before, Kill Bill 2 concluded with an awful scene showing Beatrix plucking out Ella's eyeball right after she ended Bill's life.

Then the director gave a spoiler that the next film could revolve around Vernita's daughter. The possibility of making her as the next antagonist and eventually retaliate the death of her mother.

Tarantino also mentioned that actress Uma Thurman, as Beatrix in the movie, is also excited about the possibility of filming Kill Bill 3. He even shared that the movie is always their topic whenever they meet particularly the possible storyline.

In her interview with MTV, the actress said she would always want to play Beatrix again in Kill Bill 3. She added that it is Tarantino who shall determine if there will be third installment of the said franchise.

In Kill Bill 2, Vernita was killed right in front of her daughter so Tarantino jokingly said that fans should need to wait for Vernita's daughter to grow old enough to kill her as well.

If these speculations and revelations will eventually come into reality, this will then lead to Quentin Tarantino directing Kill Bill 3 again and to be top billed by Uma Thurman.