Many discussions held amongst the people of the scientific community had the prime focus on UFOs in the year 2016. Rumors are now doing the rounds that the American military intelligence might be looking after UK's UFO-hunting team, which is located in the remote area of Soho Square, London.

Back in 2008, the secretive Ministry of Defence (MoD) of UK was axed, but recent reports published by The Express suggest something else. The news outlet suggests that the axed ministry is now being run by the US military intelligence and it is speculated that the office of 20th Century Fox, a leading science fiction producer is being used.

Reports suggest that the operations are majorly being conducted by the US citizens and the funding is also being done by America. But, it must be mentioned that some Britons are also a part of the UFO-hunting team, who are guiding to examine and analyze the existing real-life X-files.

All UFO, as well as intergalactic activities, are speculated to be monitored from 7 Soho Square. It is also said that US officials from Washington regularly visit to check on the progress as well as to check out other important observations.

A military source recently revealed in an interview that Pentagon also wanted to incorporate a similar MoD but later it was decided that Soho Square, London is the right place and the unit was moved to London. And it is since then that Americans have been a part of the team.

Another official stated that the report about the shift of the unit to London was also published mistakenly in the MoD's magazine. But, it was not noticed by many. Reportedly, though Pentagon commands the team, the unit still reports to MoD.

Apart from X-files, the unit also concentrates on investigating about secret UFO as well as the militarization of space under the project name "Project Condign." Under the Freedom of Information laws, investigation details were also released in the year 2005.

Researchers suggest that during the project, some observations made were a result of atmospheric plasma that had appeared due to military applications like the use of advanced laser weapons. Now, this must have caught the attention of the US military intelligence and hence their interference in the axed project.