UFOs are the latest eye candy. However, while flashing lights and eerie hits are making waves and catching attention everywhere, they seem to be outnumbered by disbelievers. The debate over 'are they UFOs or are they birds and aircraft' stirs up a storm every time there is some alien 'observed' in the skies.

The latest book, 'The 37th Parallel' by Ben Mezrich--best-selling author of books that made it to Hollywood through '21' and 'The Social Network'---will probably make as many waves as the rumours of aliens, as it documents a number of UFO sightings through the decades.

The first evidence of aliens, Mezrich explains, is cattle mutilations.

He writes: "Over the past seventy years, more than ten thousand cows and horses have been found killed and mutilated, in frighteningly similar fashion: usually left lying on their sides, with multiple organs removed through precise, circular wounds."

There were more horrors. "Missing hearts, eyes, tongues, lungs- and that isn't even the worst part. Almost all of these carcasses have been found completely drained of blood."

However, there was never enough effort to find out the reason for the mutilations. Was it due to aliens?

Chuck Zukowski till the summer of 2010 was a microchip engineer and part-time reserve Sheriff's deputy. But when he began to investigate cattle mutilations on a ranch and believed that they could be attributed to UFOs, he got fired, stripped of his badge as well as his gun.

That made him not an amateur UFO enthusiast, but what he calls himself---a "ufo-nut." Even though he bought an RV and toured the country to get some answers along with his family, he did not hit any solutions.

Although sightings of UFOs, videos and suspicious lights are quite widespread, there are no real efforts to explore them by the higher-ups, who just dismiss them as a lot of hot air.

Still, UFOs cannot be disproved. The most famous sighting happened in Roswell, New Mexico, back in 1947, July 3. Radar operators at Walker Air Base, the first nuclear base of the US, noticed and began to keep track of a couple of strange alien and objects totally geared up at "impossibly high speeds."

Hence, when a huge electrical storm struck a nearby ranch, it scattered debris that was metallic, and covered with strange hieroglyphics.

Although the debris was made public, it was disclosed years later that the real debris had been sealed, while what was put out to the public was fake.

The second UFO sighting happened in the UK. Called the Rendlesham Forest Incident, near RAF Woodbridge, a British Air Force Base, it happened on December 26, 1980, when a group of officers saw lights coming down on the forest. They sighted something "huge, glowing and metallic, hovering over the trees."

It left indentations on the ground, along with "triangular scorch marks." It was followed by another object in flashing lights that zoomed past at incredible speed.

"In both these cases, Roswell and Rendlesham, the efforts to cover up the incidents seems almost as damning as the events themselves."

It seems puzzling that since the 40s, all UFO sightings have been veiled at every level. But the explanation is simple----"mainstream scientists, legitimate historians, and respected journalists" are faced with ridicule every time they introduce the UFO cases.

One high-level aerospace executive said: "A generation from now, people will look back at us the same way we look back at those who believed the Earth was flat; the evidence that we've been visited by extraterrestrials is so overwhelming, it's actually a leap of faith to believe anything else."

We don't even have to build giant telescopes, keep our ears cocked for radio waves from other star systems, or even send probes into deep space, because it looks as if the UFOs and aliens have already descended.