According to insiders, the projected release date for the new phone will be in the second quarter of 2017. The Korean manufacturer is known to impress when it comes to launching a smart device.

Primary on the list will be security. With all the current concerns about cybercrimes, this is one aspect worth noting.

It is expected that Samsung's eye scanning technology will improve, which means that inputting retinal data will involve quicker response and lesser time in registering.

Next, S8 will have a unique glass-like surround, which will have dual purpose involving case protection and possible touch function.

In terms of charging capability, the upcoming Samsung unit will come with a super feature that will reload the battery in full for only 20 minutes. With regards to music control, S8 will allow car audio command using the android auto app.

According to Chinese bloggers, the handset will improve its display capacity with a 4K 2160X3840 resolution AMOLED panel, which means that the new Galaxy will measure at 5.1 and 5.5 inches to accommodate extensive visual features.

The Korea Herald has pointed out that the edge display is a prominent component for the phone. Significantly, Samsung has overcome pricing issues and finally incorporated a curved display technology.

The 4K resolution improves virtual reality experience when using the firm's VR goggles. In line with this, the company will introduce a new USB-C-compatible Gear VR headset alongside with the Galaxy Note 7, which narrows to a conclusion that S8 may ditch the micro USB.

A prominent Weibo tipster has claimed that the new Galaxy phone will be armed with a dual-lens configuration or otherwise perceived to be a dual-lens shooter.

Although there is a pattern for the technological components installed on the Samsung series, S8 will present Qualcomm's Snapdragon 830 chip and a huge 1/1.7 image sensor.