British plastic surgeon Dr. Julian de Silva tells us that the celebrity whose face is the closest to the "perfect" standards is Johnny Depp's estranged wife, Amber Heard. She is closely followed by Kim Kardashian.

The Greek Golden Ratio, or Phi, measures the distance between the eyes, the dimension of the nose and the size of the forehead. Hence, the overall facial symmetry falls in the "beautiful" category. A facial mapping technique has been designed by de Silva using the Phi.

There are 12 key markers that have been identified, including the "lips, nose, eyebrows, forehead and facial shape". Amber was rated to have the highest percentage for perfect features, along with the best chin and nose, even as Kim had the best eyebrows and Kate Moss the best forehead.

"With this ground-breaking technology, we have solved some of the mysteries of what it is that makes someone physically beautiful," De Silva was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, this Golden Triangle is not to be attempted by people through plastic surgery. A lot of people are said to be trying out cheap plastic surgery abroad, even if they contract deep infections post surgery. However, in spite of the Golden triangle, beauty is still ultimately in the eyes of the beholder.

Anyway, this is the list of the 10 most beautiful women:

1. Amber Heard (91.85 percent)

2. Kim Kardashian (91.39 percent)

3. Kate Moss (91.06 per cent)

4. Emily Ratajkowski (90.8 per cent)

5. Kendall Jenner (90.18 percent)

6. Helen Mirren (89.93 percent)

7. Scarlett Johansson (89.82 percent)

8. Selena Gomez (89.57 per cent

9. Marilyn Monroe (89.41 percent)

10. Jennifer Lawrence (89.24 percent)