Season 12 of the popular TV series 'Supernatural' is approaching the TV screens from October 2016. Jensen Ackles, who previously used to direct one episode per season, is now taking the front seat on the small screen.

This upcoming season will see Jensen Ackles reprising his role in the premiere, but only as Dean Winchester. Apparently, the fans of this show have already seen that it has been a custom for Jensen to take over the directorial seat in the last five years. Now, this tradition seems to be changing since the actor has decided to take a break.

According to reports, it was Jensen Ackles' decision to focus towards his responsibilities as an actor in Season 12 of 'Supernatural.' In fact, it will be the first time that the actor will not have to worry about the shots, angles as well as the locations.

Jensen has also revealed that Season 12 premiere episode will focus entirely on Mary (Samantha Smith). Just like the viewers, Dean will also be looking for to a justification for the unusual reoccurrence of their mother. The premiere episodes of Season 12 will also reveal Sam's (Jared Padalecki) destiny, as the last season's finale marked that he was shot. Not only this, but it will also deal with Lady Toni (Elizabeth Blackmore) of the Men of letters, who repelled Sam and was lastly witnessed putting a bullet into the younger Winchester, right before the scene ended.

Though Ackles may not be directing, but the opening episode of the upcoming season seems to be surely a powerful one.

Supernatural, Season 12 will air on CW from October 13.