An Egyptian forensics expert said that the burn marks and small size of the human remains found among the debris of the downed EgyptAir Flight 104 suggest that the plane was brought down by an explosion, while the head of Egypt's forensics unit dismissed the suggestion.

"The logical explanation is that an explosion brought it down," the official told The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.

The official is part of a team investigating the crash. He said he has personally examined the remains at a morgue in Cairo.

Hisham Abdekhamid, the head of Egypt's forensics authority, attempted to walk back the anonymous official's comments, calling them "mere assumptions" and saying that it was too soon to draw conclusions.

Personal belongings from passengers as well as other debris from the missing EgyptAir jet confirms that the airliner carrying 66 people had plunged into the water, the Egyptian navy said Friday.

The found wreckage from Flight 804 includes luggage, seats and body parts and was discovered about 180 miles off the Egyptian city of Alexandria. The plane disappeared from radar on Thursday over the Mediterranean Sea. It was traveling from Paris to Cairo.

"The conflicting reports emerged as search teams scoured the Mediterranean Sea, racing the clock in search of the planes' voice and data recorders before their signal batteries die in about 30 days," reported USA Today.

"Egyptian military forces have found debris, including body parts, from the missing plane 180 miles from the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria. Photographs released by the Egyptian Army show little remains of the devastation - just mangled bits of debris, tattered clothing and a life vest, among other objects."

All 66 people aboard the plane were killed.