An Arizona court has scheduled a date for convicted murderer Jodi Arias' sentencing,  in spite of her legal team's efforts to push back the ruling.

Arias' sentencing has reportedly been scheduled for February 2014, according to a Facebook post written by the deceased's brother.

Arias was found guilty of stabbing ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander 30 times, slitting his throat and shooting him in the face earlier this year, but a Maricopa County Court Jury couldn't decide on a sentencing - the prosecution was pushing for the death penalty while Arias' defense team tried for life in prison.

But now, it seems that the heavily-covered murder trial might soon come to a close - Alexander's brother Steven released the date for her sentencing on the Facebook page, "Justice for Travis."

"Letting everybody know the trial isn't due to start until mid-February," Steven wrote online. "We believe this is a tactic to try and get us to throw in the towel. We will not! I say it again, it won't happen."

Steven then went on to say that the Alexander family would maintain their call for the death penalty for Arias.

"Our family will come together and see it through until it is finished," he wrote. "There is a monster that haunts us, but once the correct sentence is given, it's her who will be haunted until the most humane punishment comes to her. Nothing compared to the sentence she gave to a good man."

Jodi Arias' defense team most recently tried to get the location of the trial moved out of Phoenix due to the heavy media and public attention, but the motion was denied twice by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens.