Here's something for "Fairy Tail" fans to get excited about: the current season of the anime may be nearing its end, but reports suggest that a new project is in the works, with the publisher of the manga, Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine, slated to officially reveal the rumored project in its 17th issue of the year on March 23.

The announcement didn't provide any hints about what the project could possibly be, only that whatever it happens to be will be revealed once the latest issue releases.

After making its premiere in April 2014, this season is finally coming to an end after 101 episodes, with the final episode to be released on March 26. Regarded as the 7th season of the anime, the current season covered two major arcs and an anime-exclusive storyline. The first arc continued where the previous season left off, placing the cast in the middle of the "Grand Magic Games" where the main cast, after being frozen in time for seven years, must compete against rivals - both new and old - in a competition to determine the strongest mage guild in all of Fiore. However along the way, they encounter a conspiracy involving the mysterious Eclipse Project and the imminent destruction of the Fiore Kingdom. The other major arc is the "Tartaros" arc, which depicts the main cast's battle with a guild of demons created by Zeref, one of the main antagonists, who aim to resurrect their master and Zeref's ultimate creation, E.N.D., which threatens to end life as they know it.

In between these two arcs is a filler arc, i.e. non-canon, that sees the main cast locked in a battle against the celestial spirits belonging to series co-protagonist Lucy Heartphilia after they become corrupted by the magic that emanated from the Eclipse Gate in the "Grand Magic Games" arc.

The latter part of the season consisted of the adaptation of "Fairy Tail's" prequel "Fairy Tail Zero." The storyline focuses on Mavis Vermillion, "Fairy Tail's" founder and first guildmaster, and her adventures leading up to the point when she actually formed the titular guild. It featured seven episodes that ran between Jan. 9 and March 11.

"Fairy Tail" creator Hiro Mashima, who also created the hit series "Rave Master," inarguably struck gold with this latest piece. Debuting in 2006, the manga is still going strong, with the 54th compiled book volume released on Thursday. Other than a few complaints about predictable outcomes - which should be expected in a shonen manga anyway - both the manga and anime have received critical acclaim.

It's popularity has spawned a previous anime TV series that aired between 2009-2013, as well as various manga spin-offs; a movie - with a second already green-lit; various video anime adaptations (OVA); a stage play that will run in Tokyo from April 30-May 9; and several video games, at least one of which is slated to be released before the end of the year.

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