An artist hoping to share the appeal of digital art with a viral video created an incredibly realistic painting of actor Morgan Freeman on one of Apple's new iPad Air tablets all in one layer.

"I'm overwhelmed by the response to my finger painting video and happy that it has reached as many people as it has in such a short time," artist Kyle Lambert wrote in response to Gizmodo about the video (posted below) showing the step-by-step creation of the above image. "One of the big reasons I wanted to paint this portrait was to create a video that entertained, inspired and educated people about digital art. I've met a number of artists who were motivated to start painting after seeing my previous videos. I've also heard several cases where teachers are using my videos to inspire their students."

The other works that the artist is referring to are some of his digital paintings of celebrities. Lambert, an oil painter from the U.K. uses his YouTube account to upload time-lapses of his very detailed and impressive iPad painting projects. The entire painting was done on the iPad app Procreate.

"It captures every brush stroke automatically and you can export it to the camera roll," Lambert explained to Mashable. "It has the best canvas size and video export. It's the most like Photoshop."

The image is so realistic that when the video first went up, many people were convinced it was a hoax. However, Lambert hasn't been shy about taking interviews to prove the authenticity of this creation. As if the video weren't enough to prove that the entire process happened.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think. You can check out some of Lambert's other works HERE. Does this make you want to expand your horizons on your tablet? Comment and share your thoughts on the image with us below.