American men are increasingly developing shopping habits similar to women, according to a new survey, which revealed that they're spending more time and money on clothes than ever before.

The survey, conducted by marketing agency Ogilvy, detailed how men's behavior towards shopping has changed in recent years. They are no longer avoiding retail stores and are lingering at shops to browse and discover goods. They buy clothes and accessories on impulse. They are also looking at online stores for potential purchases and style ideas. They're checking out brands and trends, too.

The men in the survey were also shown to be more opinionated about clothes, fashion and the contents in their closet. At least 94 percent believed this defined their personal style.

The shift and confidence is rather expected. "Trends play a large part in what influences the shopping patterns of men," said Tom Kalenderian of Barney's New York, The Wall Street Journal reported. Kalenderian added that online shopping and social media "transformed the average guy who once shopped for replacement items into an aficionado and maybe even an expert."

Men have also been considering their grooming and personal care options carefully over the past few years. "Traditionally men's path to purchase has been more linear than women's, adopting a more utilitarian approach, considering all options rationally and weighing up alternatives based on price and quality," Euromonitor analyst Ildiko Szalai said, according to the Daily Mail. "As men become more concerned about how they look, what they wear and products they use, their decision-making is beginning to imitate women's."