Adele teamed up with Irish TV host Graham Norton in photobombing unsuspecting fans as they were getting their pictures taken with the singer's Oscar trophy.

A clip of the segment was first released on Saturday as part of the British singer/songwriter's "Live in London" special, which will air this Valentine's Day on BBC America, according to the New York Daily News.

"As a very special treat, some of our audience got the chance to pose for a photograph with (Adele's) actual, real, genuine Oscar," Norton explained in the clip. "Who'd want to ruin a moment like that?"

It was then followed by a clip of a few of the lucky fans getting the opportunity of having their pictures taken alongside the singer's Oscar trophy, which she received for the song "Skyfall" at the ceremony back in 2012.

Unbeknownst to them, however, both Adele and Norton were lurking in the background photobombing fans while bringing speech bubble cut-outs that read "I hate Adele," an inflatable telephone and a lot more.

Eventually, Adele confronted the unsuspicious fans, leaving them barely unable to control their excitement over seeing the Grammy award-winning singer before their very eyes, according to Entertainment Tonight Online.

Watch the video of the singer and the TV host photobombing some lucky fans below: