Regularly cleaning household items is the mark of a responsible homeowner. However, there are items used around the house on a daily basis that should always be cleaned. Below are five household items or areas that need to be washed, soaped and disinfected everyday.

1) Hand or dish towels

The hand or dish towels in the kitchen contain many germs, according to study published on Food Protection. The hand towel is used when preparing meals, wiping kitchen counters and wiping the hands after washing daily, so you will need to wash and replace this everyday.

2) Kitchen counter

This spot is where you prepare meals, but it's also where you lay down your bag, mail, keys and any other items you carry as soon as you enter the house.

The kitchen counter must be disinfected more than once a day. Make this a ritual so that grease and gunk do not seep through. "It's a rather soothing, satisfying little ritual, and it keeps the sink clean and smelling good. It's a cleaning habit that's good for the kitchen, and it makes me feel good too," suggested a homemaker via The Kitchn.

3) Used dishes, utensils and cookware

While it will help to save water to wash dishes, utensils and cookware by batches, leaving them overnight can attract household pests. Sauce and other stains could also be more difficult to wash in the morning. If hand washing is a chore, there's always the dishwasher.

Besides, leaving the kitchen messy with dishes piling up could affect your weight loss plans too, according to Shape.

4) Coffee maker

The removable parts of a coffee maker have to be washed properly so that bacteria and mold don't form. If you have coffee every single day, the coffee maker has to be cleaned everyday too. You don't want that bacteria in your drink. Don't forget to wipe down and get it dry so as not to damage the appliance when you turn it on.

5) Shower walls

Just like kitchen counter, shower walls collect grime and dirt on a daily basis. Cleaning them is good for preventing mildew stains. For more tips on bathroom cleaning, read: 7 Easy Steps To Deep Clean The Bathroom.