Household bacteria lurks in the bathroom, but if you thoroughly clean it at least once a week, you can flush away the germs along with your worries. Here are some tips to deep cleaning the bathroom:

1) Prepare your cleaning supplies.

Some of the essentials include a microfiber cloth, paper towels, old toothbrush, scrubber, toilet cleaner, a box of baking soda and a spray bottle with your preferred cleaner - such as water and vinegar mixture or store-bought brands.

2) Steam the room.

Before doing any wiping and scrubbing, steam the bathroom first to loosen muck and dirt on walls, fixtures and floors, according to Apartment Therapy. It would be better to do the cleaning after someone has had a warm shower to take advantage of the steam. If you have roommates, you can set up this up according to you schedule.

3) Set the spots.

Open the windows to bring in fresh air. Remove any items on the shelves or countertops so that cleaning is easier. Take down shower curtains and window treatments, if there are any, and send these to the laundry room for cleaning later. Spray the cleaning solution or dust baking soda on surfaces, including the walls and toilet. Let it stay for a few minutes. As you do that, you can begin wiping the items on your countertops or shelves with a microfiber cloth.

4) Start scrubbing.

After a few minutes, begin scrubbing and wiping surfaces. Go from top to bottom.

For fixture and shelves: use microfiber cloth
For mirrors and glass windows: use paper towels
For showers, bathtubs, walls and floor: use a scrubber for the shower and the toilet
For grouts: use an old toothbrush

If you have a removable shower nozzle, you can soak this first in a plastic bag with vinegar overnight so that it will be easier to clean, according to Real Simple.

5) Tackle the toilet.

Clean the toilet next using your preferred toilet cleaner. Use a toothbrush to scrub in nooks and crannies. Use a pumice for removing more stains and mineral deposits. Finish it off with a microfiber cloth.

6) Sink into it.

Clean the sink last, as you're likely to dump dirt on it when you're deep cleaning. Spray the cleaner and then sprinkle with baking soda. Leave this for at least an hour on two before finally brushing, rinsing, removing and cleaning it off. Don't forget the faucet's narrow opening, which you can clean with a toothbrush.

7) Put finishing touches.

Hang your replacement shower curtains and window treatments. Set your magazine rack and perhaps even add some greens, flowers or scented candles in the bathroom.