UPDATE: Netflix released an extended version of the "Fuller House" trailer on Tuesday night. The new promo features Jesse and Becky's (Lori Loughlin) twins Nicky and Alex all grown up and drunken prank phone call to Michelle.

'Hola, Tannerinos!' Kimmy Gibbler and the entire Tanner family (except Michelle that is) are back in the new Netflix series "Fuller House," which premiered its first official trailer on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Tuesday.

The promo reveals D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) struggling to take care of her three children in the wake of her husband's death, which the Tanner family overhears on the baby monitor. Her sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) immediately offers to move in and help take care of her nephews as does her best friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber).

"I've waited my whole life to say this, 'Home sweet home!'" Kimmy exclaims.

The original "Full House" stars also spout the sitcom's most famous line such as Uncle Jesse's (John Stamos) "Have mercy," Stephanie's "How rude!" and Joey's (Dave Coulier) "Cut. It. Out."

Speaking with Ellen, Sweetin, Barber and Cameron Bure all expressed their hope for a second season and joked about having their kids star in a future spinoff, "Fullest House." They also are leaving the door open for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to reprise their role as Michelle if Netflix renews the show.

"We make reference to them on the show so they are not forgotten," Cameron Bure told the talk show host. Sweetin added, "We definitely acknowledge Michelle being present."

"Fuller House" premieres on Friday, February 26 on Netflix.

Watch the full trailer below: