Lana Del Rey's highly anticipated 30-minute short film, "Tropico," may finally have a release date.

The singer recently tweeted a number of promotional posters for the project, which will feature her songs "Body Electric," "Gods & Monsters" and "Bel Air" from her EP "Paradise." She released two teasers from the film earlier this month, and during a chat with fans (1:25) in Chile, revealed to that the release date is, in her words, "Soon. December the first, I think..."

Del Rey has been working on the project since early summer, and though "Tropico" was initially scheduled for a September release, it has since been pushed back. The film, which Gigwise describes as "a closing chapter on her debut album," has been referred to Del Rey as "a farewell," and features Biblical imagery including Del Rey donning a wimple as Mary, Mother of Jesus and and holding a snake dressed as Eve, while model Shaun Ross will co-star in the film as Adam.

"Look forward to seeing you for the farewell project," the singer tweeted. "I adore you and thank you for inspiring me. TROPICO."

The 27-year-old star even got fiesty recently with a fan on YouTube who accused her of taking too long to release the project.

"Tropico coming soon - 5 months later - Tropico coming soon um no b***h release this s**t," wrote YouTube user chaerin b, to which Del Rey responded, "It's coming you little b***h," much to the delight of her fans.

Click here to see more promotional posters for Lana Del Rey's upcoming short film.