Monday’s episode of “The Blacklist” shed some light on a few things while handing viewers more questions all at the same time.

We now know Elizabeth’s “dad” was a man name Sam who took her in when she was four. We were also introduced to a woman named Lucy Brooks whom Red found on the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCap) database. Oh, and she kind of looked like Liz. Therefore it’s theory time.

It was quite obvious that Sam and Red knew each other. They appeared to be really good friends (maybe even brothers?) and it’s possible Red asked Sam to raise Liz all those years ago.

One theory being circulated is that Alan Alda’s character, Mr. Crowley, could be Liz’s father. According to, Crowley will threaten to take Red’s life if he reveals certain information to Liz. I’ve theorized that Alan Alda could be add to the “Who’s Liz’s father” mystery. However, I still believe Red is Liz’s father.

As I’ve theorized before, Red has two daughters. He raised one (Lizzie) and had to give away the other. The other is Lucy Brooks. Judging from her presence in ViCap, Lucy may not have had the great life Lizzie had.

While we continue to look forward to how the “Who’s the Father” mystery will turn out, fans should get ready for an exciting two part episode according to EOnline.

Diego Klatenhoff, who plays Agent Ressler, hinted the bad guy for the episode will present” a lot of struggle” for Mr. Reddington. Ryan Eggold, who plays Tom, said the part one “has a supreme cliffhanger. The first one is so killer. Tom is not in it very much because it's really about the FBI, but it's the most intense episode I think." Is the bad guy Crowley? Share your own comments and thoughts below.

“The Blacklist” airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.