Next week’s episode of “The Blacklist” seems to delve into the questions everyone’s asking—Who is Elizabeth’s father?

According to the preview for the next episode entitled “A Dangerous Truth”, Liz (Megan Boone) get’s a phone call and as she’s talking to the person on the other line she utters the word “Dad?!”

The camera flashes to an older gentleman lying in a hospital bed talking on the phone. The assumption is that this is the man Lizzie is calling “dad”. Things get interesting when the camera then pans and we see Red (James Spader) sitting in a chair next to the bed.

The man in the bed tells the criminal mastermind, “I have to tell her the truth.” Watch what happens next in the video below.

Even before the series began the general buzz was Red was Lizzie’s father. As of right now it seems like this is the most likely scenario. At the least, is seems as if Red took care of Elizabeth at some point in her life.

In addition to the identity of the relationship between Liz and Red, one of the other major mysteries is Tom—who he really is and what he’s really doing.

If you had questions about Tom before, you might have to prepare yourself to have more. Accordiing to EOnline, someone else might add to the Tom mystery.

"I shouldn't say too much about this, but potentially further down the road, there is a new character coming on the show that I will be working with a lot," Ryan Eggold, who plays Tom Keen, recently told EOnline.

“The Blacklist” airs Mondays at 10/9c on The CW.

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