Last night’s episode of “The Blacklist” has added to the mystery this season has already given us. Here are the questions I have after "Frederick Barnes":

No. 1—Is Red the Father?

I’ve come to the conclusion that Red is probably Lizzie’s father. However, as I stated in this article, it wouldn’t take much thinking to make Red her dad. So do the writers have something else in mind? Is it possible they’ll find another connection between the criminal mastermind and the FBI profiler?

No. 2—Why does Liz feel something for Red?

Near the end of last night’s episode Elizabeth had a chance to put Red out of her life for good. However, she declined Red’s offer to disappear. As I watched there seemed to be an emotion in Lizzie’s eyes that went past her desire to have Red give her answers about her past. Does she know Red is connected to her? Why does it seems she feels close to him?

No. 3—Ressler’s jealous?

It’s pretty apparent Ressler can get jealous of Elizabeth. However, was snitching on her really necessary? Also, does anyone else want some backstory on him? I would like to know why he’s the way he is and how he got to where he is.

No. 4—Is Tom related to Red?

This is a random theory I had and I believe if they put this into the story, it could really cause a stir. Do you think Tom has a connection to Red?

"The Blacklist" airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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