London Underground users are in for a tricky commute in the upcoming months. Unions have announced they will be staging three days of strikes in the next two months, reported the Guardian. These strikes - planned for Jan. 26, Feb. 15 and Feb. 17 - will last 24 hours and affect nearly all of the underground lines.

Three unions have confirmed their involvement with the strike: Aslef, Unite and the RTF, according to the Daily Mail. These workers are striking over the proposed Night Tube plan, and are fighting over the pay and working conditions this plan entails.

"RMT supports the principle of a properly worked-out Night Tube service introduced through agreement with the unions, but the abject failure to work through the detail has led to a comprehensive breakdown in the negotiations and has forced us to name a program of further industrial action," said RMT general secretary Mick Cash, according to the London Evening Standard.

Cash went on to say these strikes could have been avoided completely had London Underground "dealt with the Night Tube professionally from the off instead of resorting to ultimatums and imposition."

There is outrage on both sides now, however, as these strikes will cause major problems for London commuters, and will force the London Underground to work twice as hard on the days these strikes will be staged.